Get a website for your village or community group (from £15)

Having a Facebook page is great for sharing news with your community but it's not a good idea to clutter it up with the permanent information about what your organisation does, how it works and who to contact.

If you send us some photos and text, and pay a token fee (to discourage timewasters asking for a freebie they don't need), we will create a simple but attractive web page for your Northamptonshire community or group. We usually use a template similar to what you are seeing now. It will include a form to send you enquiries so we need your email address too.

You can add other contact details but please think carefully before publishing personal information on line.

For a web page at an address like we charge £15 p.a.

For a web page at an address like or we charge £25 p.a.

All internet addresses are subject to availability. If we arrange for you to have your own "domain", you own the rights to it, not us.

Pages will include a line saying we made them and there is room to acknowledge one sponsor who might be covering your costs but we do not make full advertisements. We don't make websites for any sort of business, except in the case of Social Enterprises etc. with a clear charitable purpose.

We reserve the right to decline applications from organisations whose principles and aims conflict with our own.

If you think we can help you reach people with your own web page please contact us now.


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