Sunset - Great Doddington

Great Doddington Weather


Use This Widget On Your Website

To include the graphic above on your page, add this code where you want it to appear (inside a 'div' etc.)
<object name='weather' id='weather' type='text/html' style='width:180px;height:100px' data=''></object>
If you just want the text version as at the top of this column use this (query string is "?type=txt")
<object name='weather-text' id='weather-text' type='text/html' style='width:auto;height:80px' data=''></object>
and you can, as here, use both on the same page.

Extra Options

For this version with the weather station background, omit the query string "?loc=gd".

To use your own background photo or a plain colour, replace "?loc=gd" with "?bg=tsp" and add ";background:url(address of your image)" or ";background:#f00" or similar to the object's style.

There is no charge and we don't push adverts or collect personal data, although we do use Google Analytics, one of the cookies you already signed up to when first visiting this website and which should be covered by the cookie notice on your own website too.

The weather data is collected locally but stored and aggregated with other observations at Weather Underground whose website has much to explore. This is an IBM business and should be reliable but data uploads are sometimes missed and the geographical database they use has many errors. The observatory is not finely calibrated. For those reasons, although the widget may be useful as well as interesting, it should not be considered authoritative.

Weather Underground