Roman Road near Irchester
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Northamptonshire through the lens
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We love photos of Northamptonshire and are delighted to see new ones shared in our Facebook Group

Bear in mind, though, that the groups Northamptonshire Nature and Landscape or Northamptonshire Country Parks and Summer Leys are probably better places to post your Countryside and Wildlife views. When you have posted there you can always share the image with our group too.

Wellingborough Now and Then has a wonderful collection of hundreds of archive and more recent images.

Does your town or village have a similar collection? Let us know and we will spread the word. Either use our contact us form or tell everyone about it in our Facebook Group

There's a lot of myths and false assumptions about the law and rights concerning photography. For a clearer picture, go to the bottom of this page and check the links »

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Taking a photo

Phone pics are fine!

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For more about laws and rights check these links. Please note: Rose of the Shires cannot endorse or guarantee information from other sources.

Pictures in Public: Simple Guide to UK Street Photography (Copytrack)
Photography And The Law (Paul Reynolds)
Copyright Notice: digital images, photographs and the internet (Inellectual Property Office)