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We publish articles about Events and Groups in West Northamptonshire and other items of interest to the Community. We would welcome your contribution.

Articles are usually between 250 and 500 words and high standards are the norm. "Facts" must be carefully checked.

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We are obsessive about branding and so all our pages follow the same layout; we will need to get together a Headline, Strapline, the Main Text for the left of the page and a Picture for the right.

We are very grateful to receive the text alone. We need a minimum of 200 words. If you supply more of the components above, that is a bonus but if not, we will find something suitable. We reserve the right to edit any material as we feel necessary.

The options for your picture are:

  • 250px x 250px for the right hand column
  • 240px x 400px web standard rectangle for the right hand column

Additionally, we will accept:

  • 468px x 60px web standard banner for insertion in your text

We can float one or two (no more) additional images in the main block of text - maximum 250px x 250px

One of the above images may be from a business that sponsors your event, group or article. So long as their products, services and aims and objectives are compatible with our own, we will include their notice with a note like "This article is sponsored by". You may retain any payment you receive for this for yourself or for your charity.

If you want to contribute the background image too, it needs to be 2560px x 1440px, though we can crop or resize from larger.

We will publish your article as soon as we can. If we receive several in a short while, we will work through them as quickly as possible. Sometimes we may delay non-time-specific items for a day or two so that they do not get lost among a group of more urgent articles.

Each article about an event will be hidden after it ends.

Hidden articles are kept on file for revision and re-publication when appropriate (e.g. for annual events).

Please e-mail your text and any image attachments to mail@west-northamptonshire.uk.

You must copy this notice into your email!

Copyright: I confirm that in each case the material I am sending is either created by me and I give permission for it to be edited and reproduced by 'Rose of the Shires' without payment or that it is sent with expressed permission from the author/creator to edit and reproduce it free or charge or or that I can certify and demonstrate that it is "in the public domain" or that at least 70 years has passed since the death of the author/creator.

You may include links to appropriate articles on other websites and blogs. Please note that we may not be able just to copy onto our own site pages built with other software (e.g. Wordpress)


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