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This website and the associated Facebook Group are sponsored by Rose of the Shires

Key Facts

We are different!

Most websites are selling Services and Products. We are here to inform and promote the people and communities of our county, mostly without a charge. We have a few discrete sponsorship messages but our pages are not packed with adverts.

While others market commercial Tourist Attractions, we advertise village fĂȘtes, flower festivals and amateur sports events, usually for free. We help people who are searching for the hobby clubs and interest groups they want to join (in real life and on social media).

We are on  Facebook Facebook where we share Good News about North Northamptonshire.

  • Community focused website for the people of West Northamptonshire
  • Publicising all that is good in and about our area
  • Sharing good news on Facebook
  • Not-for-profit

We are not a business so we have no office nor full-time staff to answer phones. Use our contact form or Email to send us your number and we will get back to you as soon as we can, usually within an hour or two.

This is a new and developing website. If our lists of groups or events look a little thin as yet, PLEASE ADD ANY YOU KNOW ABOUT!

Further Details

The West Northamptonshire website promotes all that is good in and about our area to visitors and for those who live here.

We are especially eager to spotlight voluntary and not-for-profit organisations.

Clubs, Groups and Organisations

We publish articles about Clubs, Groups and Organisations to help people find sports teams, hobby groups and others who share their interests.


We publish articles about charity fundraisers, community events, amateur sports fixtures etc.

We welcome announcements from anyone organising an event of general interest at which the public are welcome but we do not support trade fairs, exclusive functions, commercial advertising or "small ads".

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Social Media

On Facebook Facebook local people can share any information they think will interest, inform, or inspire people who live in or visit North Northamptonshire.

Free or low-cost Web Pages for Groups

This website is sponsored by Rose of the Shires

The phrase "Rose of the Shires" is a traditional and much-loved description of our historic county. Because of that long-established popularity, many projects and events have proudly used the phrase in their title. Far from wanting to "steal their thunder", www.roseoftheshires.uk offers a free internet address to almost any organisation or event sharing the name (e.g. www.roseoftheshires.uk/gymkhana). That can be used to re-direct seemlessly to another website or, if the applicant doesn't have a site, to show some basic information. We would make a charge for a more detailed page.

We can also create and host a page or for groups with other names. We make a token charge for that (mainly to discourage people asking for freebies they don't need). The page can show a message from a sponsor who is covering the very minimal cost.

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Data Protection and Privacy

We collect information that you send us for a reply to your enquiry or so that we can seek more detail for something you told us about. You may also give us contact details about an event or service or place of interest which you want us to publish. This might include your email or postal address and your phone number. We may sometimes use this information to check whether you want your contributions updated or extended. We do not try to obtain or store any data that might be described as "sensitive". We take great care with personal information you supply to us and do not share it with advertisers. We only release this very limited data to other third parties if you ask us to or if the law requires it (e.g. under a judicial warrant or court order). Please contact us quoting your name, email address, phone number and postcode if you want us to make a thorough search for any information we hold about you. Just tell us if you want it changed or removed. We are registered under the Data Protection Act (Registration Number: Z9251682).


All material on this website is © Copyright to the respective originators. You may not reproduce anything here in any form without permission. Material on the Internet is "accessible to the public" but NOT "in the Public Domain". The Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013 requires that you contact us before claiming that any photograph on this site is "orphaned" and available for use. Check the IPO Copyright Notice. We welcome enquiries from private individuals, charities, schools and other not-for-profit organisations who would like to use our photos free of charge. We may not charge small businesses which undertake to show a link to this website. By making any other use you agree to be invoiced for permission and royalties.

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