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This website and the associated Facebook Group are sponsored by Rose of the Shires

From 1st April 2021, the Corby, East Northants, Kettering and Wellingborough councils are replaced with a new Unitary Authority, "North Northamptonshire" which will also take in the existing responsibilities of the old Northamptonshire County Council.

On 6th May 2021 Northamptonshire voters will be able to elect councillors to serve on the new Unitary Authority. Elections have been postponed for a year because of the Coronavirus.

People will want to discuss what the new Council should be doing and our new Facebook Facebook Group provides a platform for their views. As the elections approach, we expect it to be busy with vigorous but well-mannered debate. The Group has clear rules about decency and fairness which new members must accept before they can join.

But this Website and the Facebook Group are not just about politics - not at all. We seek to promote anything positive and interesting about North Northamptonshire and its people.

While some Events and Groups, both on line and in the real world are of interest to people in a precise locality, many will want to attract visitors from a wider area.

This website publishes articles, in a format similar to this one, about anything that will be of interest to the community, including where to go, what to see and where to meet. Although this is not a selling or advertising site, we will accept contributions from businesses if they are offering something special and appropriate to the people of the area or have an interesting history or development to share.

Welcome to our website and Facebook Group for North Northamptonshire. We hope you will enjoy it and contribute too.

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