Promote your community

Would you like a leaflet about your village to hand to visitors to the church or the local pub?

We made one for Great Doddington for sharing with residents, tourists and local small businesses. Take a look.

A Guide to your Village

Many smaller communities might like to have something similar available for visitors to pick up in the Village Shop or to send to family and friends far away. But the challenges and the expense puts people off.

We'll make a simple one for your village or community group (not for individuals or businesses) if you send us text and pictures and pay a small fee which discourages people asking us for a freebie they do not really need.

£10 Option We will make your leaflet available on this web site as a PDF file which anyone can download and read and print out. You allow us to put our own discrete sponsorship notice on it and you give permission for anyone to distribute it free of charge provided they make no changes. It would not be unreasonable for you to contact, for example, local Estate Agents suggesting they make a donation to a village charity if they are going to send it out with property particulars.

£25 Option We supply your leaflet as a file for you to print and distribute on your own terms. As well as a single line saying we made it, if you supply one appropriate notice from your sponsor we will include that too. That should be an image 240px x 60px or no more than 25 words. You might expect your sponsor at least to cover the fee you send us.

To protect ourselves from pressures of various sorts, while we try to consult as appropriate, we do not, at these prices, spend time with a committee of interested people to produce each leaflet. Similarly, while we will try to have leaflets ready when you need them, we do not commit to deadlines.

As we think appropriate, leaflets are either on two sides of an A5 sheet or else on A4, foldable to four or six pages. We use a common format for layout, fonts etc.

How to Proceed

Take a look at some of the leaflets we have produced.

  • Read carefully our Terms and Conditions.
  • Make a collection of photographs, historical facts, folk stories etc. about your village. Ask yourself "What is of interest to people who know nothing about us?"
  • E-mail us between 4 and 20 good quality photographs. (8-10 is best - the more we use, the smaller most will be on the leaflet.)
    • One suitable for the "cover" This does not need any associated text
    • All others can be accompanied by descriptive text or a title
    • We can add an attribution or copyright notice in small print but these take up space
  • E-mail us the text for your leaflet (about 500 words) which we will edit to fit the available space and our "house style".
  • Copy this into your e-mail: "Copyright: I confirm that in each case the material I am sending is either created by me and I give permission for it to be edited and reproduced by 'Rose of the Shires' without payment or it is sent with expressed permission from the author/creator to edit and reproduce it free or charge or that at least 70 years has passed since the death of the author/creator. I understand that 'Rose of the Shires' will add a general copyright notice to the leaflet but will always respect the rights of those who originated the material."
  • Optionally (for the £10 package) also copy into your e-mail "I request that 'Rose of the Shires' prints permission to reproduce and distribute the leaflet on condition that no charge is made for it and no changes are made."

We will let you know when your leaflet can be previewed on this website as a PDF file.

Great Doddington Leaflet