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Dates of note in the History of Northamptonshire

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St. Mary and All Saints, Fotheringhay by `Theroadislong`

Fotheringhay Church

8th February 1587
Mary Queen of Scots
beheaded for treason
Fotheringhay Castle
(little of which remains)


The Great Fire of Northampton

Three Quarters of the town destroyed in 1675

The Great Fire of Northampton

The Great Fire of Northampton
Painting: © Peter Newcombe (b.1943) - Art UK
Photo: Northampton Borough Council

On 20th September 1675, a spark fell from a fire in St. Mary's Street, Northampton. Within hours, a strong westerly wind had spread the blaze among the thatched roofs and timbered houses, flamable stock in the warehouses and the goods on the stalls in the Market Square. 700 families were left homeless and the damage, in today's money, exceeded £12 million.

Among many reaching out to help the town rebuild, King Charles II donated over 1000 tons of timber for the rebuilding of All Saints Church. He also reduced the tax burden on the town by one half for the next seven years.

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