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Dates of note in the History of Northamptonshire

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St. Mary and All Saints, Fotheringhay by `Theroadislong`

Fotheringhay Church

8th February 1587
Mary Queen of Scots
beheaded for treason
Fotheringhay Castle
(little of which remains)


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Our aim is to have something listed for every day of the year which will be interesting and informative. Some days are anniversaries of the birth or death of a famous citizen. The dates of battles and other historical events are worthy of note. It's interesting to know when an organisation was founded or was closed down.

Where possible, we like to offer a link to additional information, images and other relevant resources.

We are very happy to include dates relevant to local industries or even to well-known Northamptonshire businesses, provided always that we don't believe that any accompanying material constitutes little more than an advertisement.

Items should be of general interest to our readers and, although we might, for example, highlight someone born in Northamptonshire who achived fame elsewhere, there must always be a significant relevance to the county.

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