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Dates of note in the History of Northamptonshire

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St. Mary and All Saints, Fotheringhay by `Theroadislong`

Fotheringhay Church

8th February 1587
Mary Queen of Scots
beheaded for treason
Fotheringhay Castle
(little of which remains)


Northamptonshire's History

1810 Map of Northamptonshire
At the heart of England, Northamptonshire's places and people have often been central to the history of the nation.

The mission of the Rose of the Shires website is to promote interest in Northamptonshire. Our county's history is full of interest.

Beneath this overlay you should see our page detailing events from times past. Explore what happened years ago on this day, or on your birthday or any other date that attracts your interest. Check it now »

From time to time we add articles to our Blog that tell the story of historic events in Northamptonshire:

Corby Steel Works
Grimsbury Field, Civil War battle near Towcester
Railways in Northamptonshire
Remembrance - The Great War

Here are some other resources to tell you more how Northamptonshire came to be what it is. Maybe you know other websites with local history; if so please tell us »

Historic UK - Northamptonshire Guide