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The Desborough Necklace

What Treasures Lie Beneth Your Feet?
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In 1876, some workmen digging for ironstone found a group of sixty graves inside an enclosure. They divided up the treasure they found but news soon leaked out and they were persuaded to hand it in for a reward.

The Desborough Necklace dates from the second half of the 7th Century. The style had been fashionable in Constantinople from a hundred years before that, as evidenced by mosaics of the Empress Theodora and others wearing similar jewelery.

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Generally speaking, Northamptonshire has a very rich archaelogical heritage and many people are unaware that objects of interest might be found in almost any garden or field, even if it is only a penny dropped by a labourer ploughing in the Ridge and Furrow patterns so common in our landscape.

Responsible people will want to exercise great care even when exploring their own back gardens to minimise risks both to their eager children and pets and to the historical record. It's worth checking out both Archaeology as a Hobby and the Code of Conduct on the National Council for Metal Detecting website before going much further.

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The Desborough Necklace

The Desborough Necklace

Illustration courtesy of The British Museum

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