Great Doddinton Fête
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Carnivals, Fêtes and Celebrations

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Children Dancing round a Maypole

Children Dancing
round a


Carnivals, Fêtes and Celebrations

Flower Festival
Our larger towns have an annual carnival. Parades of decorated Floats and colourful costumes draw the crowds whose donations raise money for charities.
Many villages have Fêtes, often combined with, Flower Festivals, Scarecrows or other crowd-pulling events.

Some are famous and widely publicised, others little known outside their immediate locality.

This page promotes and helps you find out about those community celebrations all across the county.

As well as searching by dates, you can use the link, top right, to get a geographical list.

For other types of events like club open days, displays and the like, see our more general events page where you can add details of your own.

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