Great Doddinton Fête
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Carnivals, Fêtes and Celebrations

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Children Dancing round a Maypole

Children Dancing
round a


Carnivals, Fêtes and Celebrations - Your Contributions

Village Scarecrow Festival

The section of our Website promotes Carnivals, Fêtes, Church Flower Shows and similar community events. Go instead to our page for announcing club and group events if you are looking to publicise those.

We need at least the title of your festival and the date in the format dd/mm/yyyy (because some people send us very advanced notice!).

Where possible, we like to offer additional information, images and other relevant resources. So if your celebration has a web site or page please include a link it.

You can send us that key information using our contact us form »

If you want to send up to 250 words about the event and one or two photos we will make an overlay like this one, but you must confirm that the owner has given permission for any copyright material to be used.

The best way to send that information is to email us.

We aim to honour copyright; we are a not-for-profit venture. So please send only material created by yourself which you are happy for us to reproduce without payment and to edit as appropriate to fit our normal styling, the space available and other requirements. Anything not originated by yourself may be sent only with expressed permission from the author/creator to edit and reproduce free or charge or where at least 70 years has passed since the death of the author/creator (such as an historic photo of your town carnival).

We look forward to you helping us make this an interesting and engaging feature of our website and will be very grateful for your contributions.