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Suggestions for a Great Days Out in Northamptonshire
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A member of the Facebook Group Wellingborough News & Info recently asked what local venues they should show to a visitor from Australia. So we thought, what a good idea for the Rose of the Shires website to have lots of answers to that question.

Several other websites have lists of tourist attractions but we plan something different - full iteneraries for Great Days Out.

We need your help, so please email your suggestions.

The standard format on our website for Great Days Out would be:

  • Morning Activities

    One or two places to visit filling roughly a two-and-a-half hour period (e.g. 10 am - 12.30)

  • Lunch

    One specified venue (or at the very most just two alternatives) for a great meal (allow an hour)

  • Afternoon Activities

    One or two places to visit filling roughly a two-and-a-half hour period (e.g. 2 pm - 4.30)

We also want to help people who have only half a day available. So if you have suggestions for just two or three hours well spent before or after lunch (at a place you recommend) please email those ideas too.

If you can, please include high quality, high definition (at least 1920 x 1080 pixels), copyright free images.

We want to make this feature as helpful as possible to our visitors so please forgive us if we are a little bit fussy about contributions. Here are some tips for making your suggestions really useful:

  • Everything should be fully tried and tested (and recently)

    Please check opening times, closure days and seasonal variations. Is it necessary to book in advance?

  • Please specify an area or a theme (or both)

    We'll normally list Days Out geographically, grouped around the major towns. The itinerary might include very varied venues linked only by their proximity. However, you might be able to put together (for example) "A Day in the Cut" for canal enthusiasts, an "Aviator's Memorial Tour" or "Historic Northampton" including both recommended places and quite specific related museum exhibits.

  • Something for everyone

    Please consider the wide variations in people's needs. Some are looking for inexpensive days out, some can travel only by public transport, some have limited mobility. Some plans will be great for a young family, others will suit a retired couple. We are not asking for "one size fits all" suggestions, but a thoughtful variety.

  • Further detail

    Where possible, please add web links for venues, especially when visitors may need to check opening times or other conditions.

Please be prepared and agreeable to us editing your submission to fit our branded formats and our perception and research about what our website visitors need.

So please email your suggestions for Great Days Out. We, and our readers will be really grateful.

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