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Benefits for Business

The Feel-Good Factor
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Rose of the Shires - good for businesses, large and small.

On this website, on Facebook Facebook and on Twitter Twitter, Rose of the Shires aims to promote all that is good in and about Northamptonshire.

The value of some activities cannot be enumerated on a spreadsheet but should not be underestimated. Raising optimism, developing pride and increasing confidence are essential to growth.

More directly, this Rose of the Shires website draws attention to groups and events which might not be able to afford the expense of commercial advertising but which form part of the package that attracts visitors to and investment in Northamptonshire.

How can we help each other?

We are delighted to receive articles for our blog about businesses which, by virtue of their history or contribution to the community, have a special significance to Northamptonshire. We also welcome news of developments which are making life better for people in the county.

Our aim is to promote the intentions and activities which benefit Northamptonshire people; we took a careful and considered decision not to detract focus from that message by filling our pages with advertising. But we have built in space for discreet sponsorship of our pages and are very grateful to those business who thus draw attention to themselves while helping us cover our costs. Find out more »

Every success in promoting all that is good in and about Northamptonshire benefits the whole community, the business community included.

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This page first appeared in our Blog

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