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We aim to publish at least one article every week about something positively interesting in Northamptonshire and we would welcome your contribution. It might be about an architectural gem, rumours of a ghost, an exciting development, a local hero or anything - the list is endless.

Our aim is not only to inform but also to inspire and stimulate further research by providing a wealth of links and references to any dedicated websites, reports, relevant academic papers and the like.

Articles are usually between 250 and 500 words and high standards are the norm. "Facts" must be carefully checked.

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We are obsessive about branding and so all our pages follow the same layout; we will need to get together a Headline, Strapline, The Main Text for the left of the page and a Picture 250px x 250px for the right.

We are very grateful to receive the text alone. If you supply additional components that is a bonus and if not, then we will find something suitable. We reserve the right to edit any material as we feel necessary.

We can float one or two (no more than three) additional images in the main block of text. If you want to contribute the background image too, it needs to be 2560px x 1440px, though we can crop or resize from larger.

It may be a few weeks before your article is published. If we receieve several in a short while, we will save a few to release when none are coming in.

We do not pay for blog articles; the rewards are sharing your interest and promoting our county. However, you may be able to find a business or similar willing to sponsor your story. So long as their products, services and aims and objectives are compatible with our own, we will include their message and you may retain any payment you receieve for yourself or for your charity. We can make up a small banner from suitable images and text but we do not create any artwork as part of that offer.

Please e-mail your text and any image attachments to mail@roseoftheshires.uk and include this notice:

"Copyright: I confirm that in each case the material I am sending is either created by me and I give permission for it to be edited and reproduced by 'Rose of the Shires' without payment or it is sent with expressed permission from the author/creator to edit and reproduce it free or charge or that at least 70 years has passed since the death of the author/creator."

While we often show links to appropriate articles on other websites and blogs, we cannot normally simply import to our own site pages built with other software (e.g. Wordpress)

Spitfire near Sywell

Spitfire near Sywell

The title is, of course, past tense
rəʊz rɛd !