Bee Orchids roadside at Wellingborough
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Wildlife Photography

Northamptonshire's wealth of wildlife wonder
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BBC Red Kite Daniel Hauck

Last week the BBC published some wonderful photos by Daniel Hauck who lives in Northamptonshire. They are beautiful reminders of the wealth and diversity of the flora and fauna that surrounds us.

In a blog article from June (read now ») we listed a number of websites and Facebook groups that publish and promote information and images about our county's natural wonders.


Squirrel Feeding in a Garden

Some of the photos, like those taken by Daniel Hauck, are captured with cameras for which most of us have neither the budget nor the skills. But the Facebook groups, especially, illustrate the excellent results that can be secured by "smartphones". We have always taken the view that, although it is such a delight to see the sharp detail in an expert's study of an animal or plant, simpler captures of unusual behaviours or interesting compositions can be just as enjoyable and worth sharing.


Another source of images that give us great joy is our "Trail Cam".

We thought we could see evidence in the garden that we had been visited by the foxes two or three times a year. We were wrong, of course. Being creatures of habit and routine, they were checking every night for any scraps of bread or peanuts left by the birds.

So we got a Trail Cam (and some food for the foxes!). A reasonably priced camera (like the "Lil Acorn 5201"), an SD card and a set of rechargeable batteries will set you back about £150. Beware of really cheap but poor quality cameras. More expensive ones offer high definition and features like the ability to download images to your mobile phone or by wifi but with heavier power consumption. This blog is not the place for extensive reviews and recommendations but if you type "trail cam reviews and recommendations" into Google you will find all you need to know to make a good choice.

Our Trail Cam is pointed at the garden pond which is visited by all sorts of birds, rabbits, hedgehogs, the foxes (of course) and even a badger now and then. It is set up to record 20 seconds of video every time it detects movement, resulting in up to 60 captures each 24 hours.

Northamptonshire has such an abundance of wildlife! Do get out there and enjoy it and capture some memories for reminiscence and to share.