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The exceptional spring weather of the last week has amazed everyone. But just what were the figures where you live?

You can find out from the weather enthusiasts in almost every town and village who share their data on line. Many of them have "Personal Weather Stations" monitoring conditions in real time.

Some post the information to their own web site.

Others send their measurements to an on-line reporting and aggregating service. One of the most popular is Weather Underground, not least because many PWS installations have it set as their default data collector.

To find weather stations near you (usually within a few hundred meters), visit Weather Underground for Northampton and click or tap on "CHANGE V" at the top. Then pan and zoom on the map to centre your own location and see the list of weather stations in your area. Click or tap the map pin or the weather station name in the list alongside. When you have found the data set that suits you best, bookmark the page.

While most of us share a fascination with the weather, this sort of precise detail is especially useful to gardeners, wildlife enthusiasts, photographers and many others. Knowing exactly what the conditions were right then and there can be very interesting and informative for future planning.

Weather Underground's page for our own station illustrates how you can also check weather changes over months or, in some cases, years.

If you are inspired to set up your own station to add more detail to the data for Northamptonshire, read more here. You do not need planning permission for a flagpole up to 4.6 metres (15ft) above ground level (see this) and, while we do not offer legal guidance, the general view is that, unless you live in a conservation area or have very difficult neighbours, capping it with a discrete weather sensor is not an issue, especially as you do not need permission for a "weather vane". There are less expensive options, but the overall cost of a web enabled station, including a 4 metre pole and bracket should be about £200.

This article has been amended since publication following some changes to services at IBM's "The Weather Company"

Weather Station

Weather Station