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Unidentified Flying Objects

Strange sightings in Northamptonshire's skies
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Let's put this in context by declaring that we believe there is life, intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. Given that our galaxy has hundreds of billions of stars, many with habitable planets, and it is just one of billions of galaxies, it seems inconceivable that humans on Earth should be the only smart lifeforms. But set alongside that the likelihood that the distances between any two civilisations are so vast, then the possibilities of them being aware of each other, let alone visiting each other is vanishingly small.

So when, at the beginning of August 2019, people saw a ball of light swirling around the sky above Northampton and suddenly disappearing, it is unlikely to have been an extraterrestrial spacecraft. There is an account of what was seen on the Mysterious Universe website

Air Force Cadets pointing searchlights into the clouds account for a fair number of "UFO Sightings" but there are other less easily explained phenomena.

Until 2009, the Ministry of Defence kept and published records of UFO sightings. The 2008 report mentions Northamptonshire five times, recording events at Northampton, Kettering and Wellingborough, with a total of 27 sightings in the ten years before that, four above Northampton, three above Corby, two at Rothwell, and one each at Kettering and Rushden.

Wikipedia reports (here) that on "22 November 1978 at 17:15 : Elsie Oakensen of Church Stowe, south of Weedon Bec in Northamptonshire was driving down the A5 from Weedon southwards to her home. She saw two bright lights, one green and one red and could make out a dumbbell shaped object. Turning off the A5 to her village, her recently serviced car cut out twice. Then she noticed the sky was black and a brilliant white beam of light shone on the road ahead, then the normal colour of the sky returned but she could not account for 15 minutes of her time."

Maybe you have more information about some of these or concerning other sightings, experiences or encounters. If so, please share the information in our Facebook Group.

Lights in the Forest

Lights in the Forest

Photo by Jan Mallander
Social Media OG Image by Michal Jarmoluk