Summer wheatfield near Cogenhoe
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Northamptonshire Records

The best ever in Northamptonshire (or worst!)
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The temperature today (25th July 2019) is predicted reach 39°C somewhere in the UK, passing the previous high of 38.5°C in August 2003.

In Northamptonshire, a temperature of 36.7°C (98°F) was recorded at Raunds on 9th August 1911. BBC »

And what about other records? The aim of this blog is to make people more aware of what is intersting about Northamptonshire; and there is so much. We try to inform and entertain and to encourage and support investigation and research. So here are a few random observations which readers may like to follow up ... or even challenge!

No-one wants to play sport in severe heat, but the usual summer game is Cricket. In late August 1995, Northamptonshire declared at 781–7 against Nottinghamshire. Cricinfo »

In football, the player who scored the highest number of goals for Northampton Town in one season was Cliff Holton with 36 goals in 1961–62. Wikipedia »

Now here is a surprise! The Guide to Britain's Hills & Mountains claims that "The mountain guide has 20 mountains listed in Northamptonshire, England." Their definition is maybe a little different from ours. Some would claim that the highest point in the county is Staverton Clump but most agree that "The highest is Arbury Hill near Daventry at 225m" Web page »

Northampton's oldest building is The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Northampton. It is one of the few buildings to fully survive the great fire of 1675. BBC »

However, parts of All Saints Church in Brixworth are some 300 years older still, and replaced a wooden church first built around 650 AD. Details »

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If you are looking for a different sort of record, why not visit the ​Northamptonshire Archives and Heritage at the Record Office? Website »

Arbury Hill

Arbury Hill
Northamptonshire's Highest