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Pubs in Northamptonshire

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At weekends we like to go out for a drink. While our local is very good, part of the fun for us is driving through the country lanes to somewhere with a beautiful garden where we can enjoy the view as well as a pint or a soft drink.

Please visit our page which lists some of the pubs we like in central Northamptonshire and nearby.

You probably have your own favourite. Why not tell everyone about it in our Facebook Group? We have a "no adverts" policy so please don't over-hype it! but a good recommendation is always welcome. Maybe we can add some of the suggestions shared in the group to our web page on this site.

We were set on this line of thinking this week when someone in another Facebook group mentioned a pub near Higham Ferrers called "The Cat and Custard Pot". We can't find any mention of it anywhere else on line, though there are a few of that name elsewhere in the country. Maybe you remember it and can tell us more in our own Facebook Group

Another unusual pub name is "The World's End" at Ecton. The origins of this, together with other tales and legends, is covered in an article on the "Mysterious Britain and Ireland" website (visit now »). The stories include those of a barmaid reportedly murdered there in the 17th Century, a skull-headed nun seen by customers in 2002 and shadowy figures in the cellar.

Three pubs in Northampton are reportedly haunted too. The Wig and Pen, Shipman's Pub and the King Billy all have spooky tales to tell.

In Oundle, at the Talbot Hotel, is the ghost of a woman in black. A staircase there was relocated from Fotheringhay Castle and some say she is Mary Queen of Scots, decending the stairs on he way to execution. In the same town, The Ship Inn is supposedly haunted by a former landlord.

Maybe the pub with the most spirits is The Hind in Wellingborough where people say they have seen a woman in white, small children, monks and one ghost who is quite drunk.

If you know of any others, and we are sure there will be many, please share the stories in our Facebook Group

The White Horse at Old

The White Horse at Old