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Web pages or leaflets tell people about clubs and communities
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Many people find the Rose of the Shires website through Facebook or Twitter, especially when they see that we have shared or retweeted news of an event or development. Most communities, clubs and other groups have a Facebook Page of their own and some have Twitter accounts. While those are excellent ways to keep people up-to-date, they don't provide a very effective way to present general information.

A village or group web page is a better medium for lists of officers, details of regular meetings and background material.

There's a number of options for publishing a web page.

Rose of the Shires will make and publish a simple but attractive web page for your village, neighbourhood or community-focused club or group. We charge £15 for set-up and making it available on line for a year or £25 if you want your own internet address (e.g. or instead of These very low prices merely cover our costs and discourage demands for unneeded freebies.

Instead, you could use Wix. It is free if you are able to create your own basic web page using their easy tools. If you need your own domain name (internet address) or more support you must choose one of their premium plans priced from £6 per month

WoodPress itself is free if you include their advertising but you need to pay from £1 per month for "hosting" (space for your page on an internet connected server). For as little as £4 per month more you can have your own domain name and no advertising on the page. Using WordPress requires some basic programming and technical understanding.

Rose of the Shires offers another related service producing leaflets for communities, clubs etc. There is an example illustration of one on this page.

For £10, we will make your leaflet available on this web site as a PDF file which anyone can download and read and print out. You allow us to put our own discrete sponsorship notice on it and you give permission for anyone to distribute it free of charge provided they make no changes. It would not be unreasonable for you to contact, for example, local Estate Agents suggesting they make a donation to a village charity if they are going to send it out with property particulars.

For £25, we supply your leaflet as a file for you to print and distribute on your own terms. As well as a single line saying we made it, if you supply one appropriate notice from your sponsor we will include that too. That should be an image 240px x 60px or no more than 25 words. You might expect your sponsor at least to cover the fee you send us.

If you think we could help you with a web page or leaflet or if you just want to find out more, contact us now.


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