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"What's in a name?"
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What would you say is "traditional Northamptonshire"?

staffordshire knot

Other counties have things instantly recognisable by their name. Everyone knows what a Staffordshire Knot is, or Suffolk Pink, the Yorkshire Dales, a Shetland Pony. And when it comes to food and drink, there's Somerset Cider and Lancashire Hotpot, Cornish Pasties, Cheshire Cheese and so much more.

And so ... Northamptonshire ... what ? Northamptonshire Ironstone, maybe?

Should we just accept that we missed the boat when it came to getting things named or is it never too late? Can we kick-start a custom of giving our geographical identity to some of the best of local produce and production?

While "traditional" means that something has become established over time, everything has to start somewhere. There must have been a first time someone said "Oh that's a Lincolnshire Curly-coated pig" and "Ah, that's what we calls a 'Herefordshire' bull".

So which of our readers has the vision and grasp of branding to see the potential in "Northamptonshire Golden Cheese", "Pure Northamptonshire Woolcloth Waistcoats" or "The Northamptonshire Fitness Plan - health for your heart from the heart of England"?

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