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Country Parks and Nature Reserves

Places for Nature in Northamptonshire
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We live in a county rich in open spaces. However, while we can enjoy access to much of it only by Public Rights of Way across farmland and woods, Northamptonshire has wonderful places set aside for us all to enjoy the peace and wonder of the natural world.

Country Parks

The County Council maintains six Country Parks. Its own website says they offer, "Woodland walks, reservoir views, play areas, cafes, each country park has its own unique character." For more details check out the visitor information here:

Nature Reserves

The Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire & Northamptonshire maintains more than thirty nature reserves across Northamptonshire and more in the neighbouring counties. For a full list visit their website.

Northamptonshire Country Parks and Summer Leys is a Facebook Group worth visiting for wonderful photographs of the wildlfe seen there. If you know of links to information about other sites, please tell us in our own Rose of the Shires Facebook Group

Little Owl

Little Owl