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Parliamentary representation in Northamptonshire
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No - we are not asking you to disclose the secrets of the ballot box! The first part of this article is simply an answer to the question, "Through the history of Parliament, Who was chosen to represent Northamptonshire?"

It is only in recent times that our MPs have been elected by a properly democratic poll. But it is interesting (to some of us, at least) to find out who stood up for the people of Northamptonshire in the past ... or should have done!

At one time, each county was represented by two "Knights of the Shire" and some boroughs by one or two "Burgesses". The Reform Act and Parliamentary Boundaries Act of 1832 and Redistribution of Seats Acts of 1885 and 1958 and a few subsequent Boudary Commission changes have given us very much the constituency map we have today.

Northamptonshire Constituencies

Here is a list of some of the older constituencies in the county, some of which no longer exist as such, with the earliest records of representation. In each case a list of dates on the right of the page will let you view the MPs through history. Some of those names, especially in more recent times are clickable links to separate pages giving more detail about the person.

Higham Ferrers

Our current constituencies date from Representation of the People Act 1918 or later. Find out more about them with these links:

Northampton North
Northampon South
South Northamptonshire

Some now defunct constituencies are decribed on these pages:

East Northamptonshire
Mid Northamptonshire
North Northamptonshire

The above are pages on Wikipedia which is a wonderful and largely reliable fount of information but always needs to be read in the knowledge that pages may be edited by any Internet user and, while well moderated and monitored, may not always be perfectly balanced or impeccably researched.

Spencer Perceval

Spencer Perceval

MP for Northampton and
Prime Minister
assassinated 11th May 1812

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Also murdered was
William Tresham
at Moulton in 1450

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