Cottages, Ecton
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Listed Buildings in Northamptonshire

Our County`s Architectural Heritage
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Northamptonshire has 6,548 listed buildings. From the mighty Boughton House to humble farm barns, they illustrate the wealth and breadth of the architectural heritage of our county.

Most of us know of one or two examples in our town or village but we might be surprised to find out just how many there are. At the British Listed Buildings is a full list of towns and villages where you can check your local architectural heritage, with detailed descriptions of each building.

Northamptonshire County Council's "Enjoy Northamptonshire's Heritage" website has a whole section on British Buildings and Places which is well worth exploring.

The best guide to all historical buildings in the county is, of course, Nikolaus Pevsner's Architectural Guide. Still in copyright, this is available from internet booksellers but, although you may find a few snippets quoted here and there, the whole book is not accessible on-line.

So, when you have found a building in the listings, the next step is to type its address into Google and see what comes up. You may be surprised how much information is available, expecially for churches and other significant structures.

The most important and best known will, of course, have their own websites.

It might seem obvious that "The County of Squires and Spires" is an extraordiarily rich and varied architectural treasury but there is more to discover than most of us even guess. We hope these notes give you inspiration and web links to explore further.

Round House, Finedon

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is of the Round House, Finedon
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Triangular Lodge

Triangular Lodge
1593 - 1597
by Sir Thomas Tresham
near Rushton.
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