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Happy New Year !

"Run it up the flagpole," they say, "and see if it flies."

We launched this website a little over a year ago when there was a lot of negativity in the community about Northamptonshire, and especially its governance. People have welcomed and enjoyed our positive approach and have been supportive and encouraging.

However, there has not been a great demand for the services we have offered. Times have changed and people are hopeful that the new structure for the local authorities will bring greater improvements.

Accordingly, the team behind the Rose of the Shires are now focusing on other projects.

We will keep open the option to revive, renew and redevelop the website as the needs of Northamptonshire people change and we see an opportunity to meet them.

Thank you for your support. We are still here and look forward to being in touch at least from time to time in the coming year, in which we wish you every happiness.

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