Northamptonshire Flag
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Northamptonshire Flag

A symbol of pride in our county.
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The Story of the Flag

Northamptonshire Flag

In 2014 and in conjunction with the Flag Institute, the County Council held a competition to design a new flag. Before that date a number of different designs had been in use, including the one for the County Council illustrated elsewhere on this page.

The competition was won by a design submitted by Brady Ells, jointly with Ian Chadwick who had submitted a very similar flag. The final version included a unique design for the rose by Emma Rayif which the judges felt helped to distinguish the Northamptonshire flag from so many others which include a rose.

Maybe we should use Emma's rose on this website but we decided to avoid any licensing and copyright issues with one which was placed in the public domain a decade ago at

According to the Flag Institute ...

"The design features a gold cross, fimbriated in black upon a maroon field. The cross shape represents that the county acts as a crossroads for the country. The maroon and gold are the representative colours of the county, drawn from the cricket team. Whilst the black is chosen to refer to the leather industry. Charged on top, in the centre of the cross, is a rose which has long been the county emblem and recalls the moniker ‘the rose of the shires’."

When and where to Fly the Flag

Full details of the law regarding flags are set out in the Government's Plain English guide to flying flags.

We are not lawyers but our non-authoritative reading of that is that you can fly the Northamptonshire flag on a pole less than 4.6m (15ft) from the ground wherever and whenever you have the landowner's permission to do so. In some places and under some circumstances, special restrictions may apply.

flag at fete

One obvious ocassion to display your pride in the County is on Northamptonshire Day. However, while this always used to be on 25th October, when we started looking at the start of that month this year for information to promote, we found out it came and went unnoticed (except maybe at Delapré Abbey) on 30th September. We hope to be able to share why that date was considered special to Northamptonshire in the way that the feast of Crispin and Crispinian is. We also hope to see more publicity and a wider celebration of Northamptonshire Day in future years.

It also seems appropriate to celebrate our county's identity as often as possible at local events, such as at a village fête, as shown here.

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