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We decided what you need.

Well, we had to start somewhere! But we are eager to extend our vision for Rose of the Shires beyond the assumptions we made from reading Northamptonshire people's Websites and Social Media posts. We want you to tell us what you want us to deliver.

Please join our Facebook Facebook Group and help us understand better what the community needs from us. We do have a vision and a purpose and an ethic and will not concede to every demand for change, but we do want to develop and improve. So please be active in our community on line and help steer us to being more engaging and effective.

Read on if you would like more detail ...


We launched Rose of the Shires at a time when the County Council was in financial crisis, public services were being restricted and posts on Social Media were depressingly full of a negativity spawned by concern.

Business people understand that positivity is essential to their success. To get people to buy from them they need to assert the benefits of their product or service. So Northamptonshire's tourism and leisure sector was clearly rising to the requirement to enhance their promotion of what the county offers.

But the ordinary people of Northamptonshire and their voluntary and social activities also depend on an optimistic morale for success. Feel better, achieve more. So we decided to make ...

  • A Community focused website for the people of Northamptonshire
  • Publicising all that is good in and about Northants.
  • Providing searchable lists of Organisations and Events
  • Delivering interesting information in a weekly Blog
  • Sharing good news daily on Facebook and Twitter

We are not naïve; we know about the negatives. But as Social Media especially is swamped by accusation, defamation, fake news and incitement, we decided, as far as possible, to restore the balance by setting aside the negative and focusing the attention of our audience on good news, achivement and uplifting endeavour.


The majority of people feel better from engaging with others. The Rose of the Shires website aims to make it easy for people for find opportunities to share interests and activities. And espcially for the many who have some degree of difficulty meeting and engaging with other people face-to-face, our lists of on-line activity and discussion groups will be invaluable.

We think this will develop into a really useful service but it depends totally on there being enough information for people to explore. We are beginning a process of searching Facebook for Northamptonshire-based social, hobby and shared interest groups and proactively listing them. It's fair to assume that people with open groups on line want more people to be able to find them, although we will try to make them aware of listings which they can cancel if they wish.

We have an even more challenging problem with events. However eager you are for people to discover and find the activity you are promoting, it's hard to see the value of spending time adding it to a list until there are sufficient numbers to attract interest - Catch 22! So, if you can see the value of what we are trying to do, please help get the ball rolling. Add your Event for Free, be it village fête, pub quiz, concert, sports match, whatever. Only if people do that when the list is short can we reach the critical mass that makes this service viable and helpful.

Thank you for your interest. Please join our Facebook Facebook Group and help lead us forward.


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