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Kale Lane, Great Doddington

The Northamptonshire Nature and Landscape Photography group on Facebook is currently inviting submissions on the theme "Favourite views in Northamptonshire". It's just one of so many groups on Social Media that focus on our County and its communities.

The photo here is a Northamptonshire View, of Kale Lane, Great Doddington, full of May Blossom and Cow Parsley.

We have our own Facebook Group. If you have not done so already, please join us to follow and exchange good news about our area.

Many towns and villages have their own groups. Some are merely platforms for advertising and gossip, much of it, sadly, rather negative. But many share our vision at Rose of the Shires of promoting all that is good and positive about where we live.

We are currently building a list of groups which people can search (by type and by location) to find others who share their interests. We cover Twitter as well as Facebook and we list groups that have real-life meetings in Northamptonshire. So if you are a member of any sort of group that focuses on people or places or themes relevant to our county, please add your details on our Groups Page »

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