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Christmas in Northamptonshire

Festivities and Folklore
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Christmas is less than a week away. The celebrations are surrounded by traditions, religious, national, local and even family ones. There is a website that examines the differnt ways people all around the world mark the season in special ways. Check it out »

It doesn't mention any customs special to Northamptonshire though there are certainly a few. According to BBC Countryfile Magazine, "Folklore claimed that [ivy] could bring on madness and intoxication. In many counties, such as Northamptonshire, it had to be countered with the beneficial holly; decorating your home with ivy alone brought bad luck in droves."

More recently, some individuals and communities have Christmas Light displays to raise funds for charities. Here's some we heard about:

Burton Latimer : Hollow Wood Road more »
Northampton General Hospital more »
Walgrave : 23 Springfield Road more »
Wellingborough: Torrington Road more »

Most towns have public displays too. Which do you think is the best? Do you have a photo to share?

Does your village or community have an interesting Christmas tradition?

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By the way, we all know that it's a very good thing to focus on the needs of lonely people at Christmas. Do help if you can and encourage others to do so ... BUT ... please think very carefully and move very cautiously before pressuring someone who is shy and without partner or children to plunge into your family Christmas. Confronting them with the epitome of what they can never have may not be a kindness.

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