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Autumn Colour

Where to see the seasonal kaleidoscope this year in Northamptonshire
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Venues (including those with special events or access)

Evenley Wood Garden

Evenley, NN13 5SH (near Brackley)
 »  web page
"Come and see the wood in all its fiery glory. Follow the seasonal trail to see the best of the Autumn Colour."

Barnwell Country Park

37 acres of lakes, riverbank and meadows, close to Oundle.
 »  web page with map

Irchester Country Park

200 acres of woodland near Wellingborough.
 »  web page with map
One of our correspondents writes... "The southern part of Irchester Country Park has large areas of hawthorn and blackthorn and has views over the valley as a background. In a good berry year (I think this one will be) the yellowing leaves and berries can be quite spectacular." - Paul Gosling

Abington Park

Abington Park
Photo: Tonp licensed under CC BY 2.0


While researching for this article we have stumbled on a few places of possible interest. These are unverified as good for photography but seem to have potential. If you find out more, good or bad, PLEASE tell everyone in our Facebook Facebook Group

Corby Borough Council
... have a web page about Woodland & Walks with a list of places to go, some of them remnants of the great Rockingham Forest. The page offers a leaflet to download as a .pdf.

The Woodland Trust
... has a list of Woods to Explore in Northamptonshire with details and maps. see it now »

Recommendations from our Friends

We are very grateful for these suggestions but are not able to verify them all.
Many are from the Facebook Group Northamptonshire Nature and Landscape Photography »

Click or tap the    signpost for a map.

Abington Park, Northampton

  Abington Park (on-street parking all around)
 »  web page

East Carlton Countryside Park

  East Carlton Countryside Park
 »  web page
"One of the most beautiful and active Country Parks in the County ... Free Parking"

Grendon and Castle Ashby

  Quarter Pond Car Park
"My favourite autumn location in the UK is Northamptonshire, particularly around the villages of Grendon and Castle Ashby. The countryside is beautiful and the trees stand out as the main attraction, rather than being overshadowed by lots of buildings. I have to admit that the red leaves do look good against the stone cottages though. I love going for long walks in the fresh air during autumn."   -  Red Spotted Hanky

Harlestone Firs

  Hareleston Firs Forest Walk

Salcey Forest

7 miles from the centre of Northampton
  Salsey Forest Car Park
 »  web page

Wellingborough, Swanspool Gardens

  Swanspool Gardens (on-street parking available)

Over the Border

These locations are just outside of Northamptonshire. We are not able to verify them but are grateful for the suggestions.

Farnborough Hall

National Trust property near Banbury
 »  web page including directions

Wroxton Abbey

A Jacobean House and Garden near Banbury
 »  web page with map

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