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Murals, Memorials and Monuments

Public and Street Art in Northamptonshire
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A new section of this website is a guide to the county's public artworks (see below).

Francis Crick Sculpture

© Nicholas Mutton [cc-by-sa/2.0]

One of the best known examples of public art in the County is Northampton's "Discovery" memorial.

Nicholas Mutton, the photographer of our image here, tells us, "Francis Crick (1916-2004) was a local boy, born in Weston Favell and educated at Northampton School for Boys, with relatives still living in the town. This stainless steel and resin sculpture, by Lucy Glendinning, was the hands-down winner in a competition for an appropriate memorial to the co-discoverer of the structure of DNA, and represents its double-helix shape."

Another landmark monument in Northampton's Abington Street depicts a Cobbler's Last and children.

There are works of art like these all across the county. Corby has its Memorial to the Steel Workers (see this photo). We are welcomed to Wellingborough by the Silver Ladies on Harrowden Road (see the Waymarks website).

And there are many other memorials and works of art outside of the large towns. There are, for example, many memorials to those who served on the county's airfields in World War II like the one in the village of Mears Ashby (see this page).

Cobblers Last and Children

Statue in Abington Street
© ceridwen [cc-by-sa/2.0]

New to this Rose of the Shires Website

As we looked for examples of memorials for this article, we realised that Northamptonshire has a wealth of public works of art. As well as commemorative monuments there are all sorts of pieces of street sculpture, murals, plaques and more.

So we have decided to create a new section of this website as a guide and catalogue which our readers can explore and investigate.

Please make suggestions about what we should include, either through our contact form or else by posting details in our Facebook Group, where you can incluse a photo too.

You may think everyone knows about something famous near you - but please don't assume that we do! We are especially interested in examples from the villages of our county.

We would like to include outstanding items from the churches too, inside or outside, although we need to try to keep a balance whereby the collection is not swamped by hundreds of less notable memorials.

We look forward to receiving your suggestions. Look out for more news soon about this development.

Eleanor Cross, Geddington

Eleanor Cross, Geddington
Lofty at English Wikipedia [cc by-sa 3.0]