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The purpose of our pages is to promote all the good things happening in Northamptonshire.
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"Outwith" the borders of Scotland, that word is rarely used. However, we think it applies to our website and to what we share on Facebook Facebook and Twitter Twitter.

For one thing, the purpose of most of what you find on line is to make money for people. Some is focused on inviting you to buy a product or service - an honest enough purpose. But too much is less genuine - so full of promotions that the scant information delivered is merely a lure for the clicks that generate the advertising revenue. We stand outwith that commercial, profit-centred world. True, we make space for some sponsorship to help with our costs but we do not chase its uptake.

Another way in which we are different is that we try to be exclusively positive in our Posts and Tweets. That is by no means universal on social media. It is ironically inescapable that just saying that compromises our intent!

We like another sense of being "outwith"; stepping out of the expectations, assumptions and constraints of the commercial in order to be with people and groups in the community and providing for their needs.

Rose of the Shires exists only to share good news about Northamptonshire.

All is for our county and its community - positivity for the people.

We aim to become the obvious go-to resource on line for anyone looking for anything to do, for groups to join, for events to experience, for activities to enjoy.

To enhance that, we are working now on systems to send Tweets and Posts whenever a new Group registers on our database and also to publish timely reminders about contributors' forthcoming events.

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Watch this space for more good news!

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Outdoor Painting Group