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New Year's Evolutions

2020 Vision for "The Rose of the Shires"
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Our objective is to have "made our mark" before the end of this year. That's where we see ourselves by 2020!

The purpose of the Rose of the Shires website is:

  • to celebrate and promote all that is good about Northamptonshire
  • to encourage and support a greater sense of identity for our Historic County
  • to raise awareness of voluntary groups and community activity
  • to publicise the events, endeavours and achievements of Northamptonshire people
  • to be a first resource for information about all the above

The aim for the Rose of the Shires in 2019 is:

  • to achieve widespread public awareness of what we can do for people
  • to have more than 1000 individuals or groups participating by the end of the year

The plan to reach those goals for the Rose of the Shires needs YOU to

We will be doing all we can to raise awareness on line and elsewhere that Rose of the Shires is the go-to website for positive news about Northamptonshire and the good things people are doing here.

We can only succeed with your help!

River Nene

River Nene, Gt. Doddington