We promote all that is good in and about our county, an all-too-secret gem in the heart of England. Our pages help you find events to enjoy, groups to join, things to do and places to go.
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Living in Northamptonshire

This Rose of the Shires website supports the community. We announce and promote local non-commercial events, social groups and any activity which aims to make people happier, healthier and proud of our county. We're focussed on the community but good for business too »

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Why this website?

Our aim is to promote all that is good in and about our county; this is an on-line space for the community to develop and display pride in Northamptonshire. That is a worthwhile purpose in itself but it has wide-ranging beneficial spin-off for individuals, communities and commerce.

We seek to help Northamptonshire people develop a greater sense of shared identity, especially at a time when administrative changes are taking focus away from the county as an entity.

As well as this website we have a Facebook Group for exchanging good news and we are on Twitter too.

Essentially English Landscapes and Leisure

Northamptonshire glows with fields, woods, streams and charming villages, mellow with ironstone and thatch.

This website also helps people explore a landscape criss-crossed with gentle footpaths, some in cool woodlands, some grazed by sheep and some with sweeping views across the broad valleys of the Welland and Nene.

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Also known as "The County of Squires and Spires", Northamptonshire is home to hundreds of historic houses, great and small, and magnificent churches, some dating back to Saxon times.

In towns, large and small, in the villages and the open countryside, Northamptonshire is a great place to be!

We support and reference the many organisations promoting Northamtonshire to visitors.

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